Every relationship needs some form of intimacy in order to survive. Although there are various forms of intimacy – emotional and physical – most people ponder on the latter. Many question the importance of physical intimacy in a relationship and whether or not it can survive without it. The irony of it all is that in order for a real companionship to endure, both types of intimacy are essential.

Lots of couples find problems in the area of intimacy because they are unable to discern or separate them both. One cannot be complete without the other. Emotional intimacy depends on physical and vice versa. The difficulties often arise in the fact that one person may regard one form of closeness as more important than the other. The male may think that physical intimacy is foremost. On the other hand, it could be the female who thinks the emotional part is most importance.

Those that have problems being intimate with their partner will often run into the relationship into trouble. They are incapable of experiencing either physical or emotional closeness. The issue is that without neither, no person can ever form a bond. At least not one that can withstand moments of trouble in the relationship. The minute things begin to get rough, that person will typically bail out. They have nothing to hold them to the other.

In general, all humans require some form of intimacy. Relationships need physical closeness, not just sex. Small things such as hugging, holding hands, kissing and snuggling together are some. Although these may seem menial, they are an integral part of companionships. In the same way, having sex with your partner is crucial. Being intimate with him or her will help you both connect with each other.

Another important part of intimacy is the feeling of security each get from it. In a world so big and full of things that can distract you, being able to feel secure, safe and loved is critical. One can think of physical intimacy as being the water in your kinship to help it grow. Just like a plant, the closeness strengthens the bonds of love. Engaging in sex or being intimate with your partner also gets your hormones going. Just a touch of his or her hands on your body can give you a rush. It can also lead to your body shivering in delight as it anticipates what comes next.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits of being intimate with your partner is the stress which it helps take away. For people who are full of tension, getting close to someone you love can help you get rid of it. At the same time, the feeling of loneliness can also be wiped out when there’s a shoulder to lean on. Or a hand to hold on to during problematic times.

Whether it is physical or emotional intimacy – or both – no relationship can survive without it.

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