For centuries men and women have used foods, herbs, spices and other concoctions to boost libido. Yet these days there are magical pills and other supplements you can ingest to give you instant erections. But, some people have issues with using those methods. They either have negative side effects or are too expensive. In other instances people simply want something natural or every day foods. This compilation of libido boosting foods contain the best foods for sex. Ingesting any of them will help increase your performance and keep you and your partner happy during intercourse.

Broccoli – As kids, many of us hated eating our broccoli during dinner. However, as adults, it is something every man should be eating regularly if he wants to stay potent during sex. The green veggies are high in vitamin C. That aids the blood flow circulation to organs such as the penis. And broccoli are not just for men either. They are also a great female libido booster.

Dark Chocolate – People call chocolate an aphrodisiac and rightly so. Dark chocolate boosts the levels of dopamine and serotonin in our brains. That not only makes us happier, it also lowers our levels of stress. Some speculate that chocolate also relaxes the blood vessels and increases the amount of blood flowing through the arteries.

Black Raspberries or Blueberries- You can consume black raspberries or as seeds, or blueberries. Either will help increase your moods when it comes to sex. Studies have shown their ability to help with ED and to even prevent it.

Peppers – When it comes to peppers, the hotter they are the better. Able to stimulate endorphins and increase your metabolism, hot peppers are great libido boosters. They speed up your heart rate, make you sweat and do other things. All of those get your blood in your veins pumping and flowing.

Spinach – It appears as if Popeye was on to something when he ate spinach for power. Turns out that it is full of magnesium which is great for decreasing inflamed blood vessels. That leads to more blood flowing through your body and penis. Consuming spinach will allow women to achieve orgasm faster. For men, it helps them obtain erections naturally.

Ginger – Ginger is not only great for helping keep the flu and colds away. It also works very well when it comes to your sexual libido. The plant is full of ingredients which can improve the health of your artery. It also aids in flowing your blood easier in your veins.

Oysters – All the rumors about oysters being awesome for sex appear to be true. They are full of a mineral called Zinc which increases testosterone levels. Besides helping you in the bedroom, zinc also aids in enhancing your muscle growth. Still, there are others who say that oysters can absorb parasites and toxins in the ocean. They may end up outweighing the benefits which you gain from the zinc.

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