Everyone enjoys sexy and hot scenes on TV, cable, movies and streaming. Netflix is not far behind when it comes to showing lots of content with sex scenes. These 10 Netflix shows with the most sex are guaranteed to get you aroused and going.

Thanks to streaming and Netflix, you no longer have to go to the video store to enjoy a great movie. They have the best series, the latest movies and much more. These 10 shows are some containing the most erotic, titillating, steamiest and sex-filled shows ever.

Orange Is The New Black

This show is about a woman who goes to a female prison. You can only imagine what goes here after the lights go out. Heck, the sex is on even when it is daylight. For those who enjoy lesbian sex scenes, there is plenty here to watch. The girl-on-girl sex acts are enough to make people jump out of their seats. And make your privates jump out of your pants.

House Of Cards

The sex here is quite frequent even though the leading characters are married to one another. Still, when there is politics involved, you will also have lots of sex. There are threesomes, adultery, prostitution, lesbian sex encounters, and tons of porn. This is not your average day in Washington, DC. Or perhaps maybe it is and we just haven’t heard about it.


When a show has the word ‘Fornication’ in its main title, you know there’s going to be a lot of sexual encounters going on. This is exactly what happens as the lead character – played by actor David Duchovny – has sex with endless women. Most of those who watch the show can sometimes care less about the actual plot. They are mostly into the sexual conquest David’s character Hank Moody goes through each show.


No one should be surprised that a show with a name which means a woman who never gets tired of sex, would be just about that. The sex that goes on here is not for those who are not ready for steam and heat.

On The Road

There is plenty of infidelities and sex among the couples in this show. You also have prostitution, threesomes and much more. The actresses are Amy Adams, Kirsten Stewart, Elizabeth Moss and Kirsten Dunst which are other great reasons to watch the show.


Although it is not a series, the German film drama is very erotic and provocative. The story is centered around a hot 18-year old woman who does all kinds of sex acts.


Nothing like a threesome involving Kate Micucci, Orlando Bloom and Malin Akerman to get you started. There is also hot sex between Dave Franco and Zazie Beetz.

Perfect Sense

Ewan McGregor fans will like this show since he has no qualms about taking off his clothes and having sex. The star whom he does it with is the beautiful Eva Green.


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